Yurrikatta No Chi (Game) (c)

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Yurrikatta No Chi (Game) (c)

Post  nemrog on Thu Jan 17, 2008 3:09 pm

After reading this give me you oppinion if we should start in the given settings and work are way up to the Arena for most of you, or should we go straight to the arena. Also give me thoughts on how to interest you new people to make this more fun.

Here's the game let's give it a go. There are 4 things you need to pick before starting.

Race , Attributes, Class, and Skill.

Race :

- Humans : Humans have no strengths or weaknesses, and are the first of the 5 main races. +45 Skill points per lvl. and + 50 SP per lvl.

- Elves : Elves the second of the 5 main races gain + 5 to Dex, - 5 to Con, have 2 O in Craft: blue thaumaturgy, handle animals and scrounge. But have - 5 in DR. Also starts out w/ 3 OOO in APP. + 30 skill pnts. per lvl. and + 65 SP per lvl.

- Inarian : A cat like humanoid w/ black or grey fur. This race while skilled warriors are enshrouded in mystery. Gain the webed feet and scent natural ability, gain " Eye of the Spirit " as a free spell, and + 5 in dex. This race unfourtunately gets X 2 damage by chaos magic w/ a 20% chance of becoming corrupted, and if character is attacked by a creature from the abbysal planes damage is increaced by 10 + chaos damage if unsuccesful in a saving throw. + 40 Skill pnts. per lvl. and + 55 skill pnts per lvl.

- Akura : Demon kin, this powerful races were once part of a great oni race that gave up there immortality in return to live among humans. There maked by red eyes w/ swirls of darkness that shift constantly, and Blood red hair that grows in spikes. They gain + 5 to all combat skills, endurance, and to DR, but gain the " Blood Bane " attribute, if forieng blood falls upon them then they are paralyzed until the blood is washed off or otherwise removed. ( Side note: There is a rumor of an Akuran Alchemist that is close to finding a cure to this startling ailement.) +30 Skill pnts. per lvl and + 65 SP per lvl.

- and -
- Dwarve : The last in the main races are powerful metal workers, and Artificers. Known for there great constituion and skill w/ metal they are a force to be reconed w/. Gain + 10 in DR and Con and 2 OO in Craft : Artificing, and Knowledge : Metals. Get - 5 in APP, WIT, INT, and Athletics.
+ 50 skill pnts per lvl and + 45 SP pre lvl.

Attributes : All races start off w/ 1 O in all attribs. w + OOO in your primary str. , + OO in your secondary and + O in your tetrary. to be allocated as you wish. Add in Race bonuses.

O = 5 , OO = 10, OOO = 20 , OOOO = 40, OOOOO = 80, and OOOOOO = 160
STR = every O past OO = + 1 to combat rolls, STR also = how much you can carry at any given time.
DEX = how good you are with your hands every O past OO = + 1 to refelx rolls.
CON = you total health and every O past OO = + 1 to DR.
MAN = how good you are w/ words and verbal comunication every O past OO = +1 to all social rolls.
CHA = how others react around you and every O past OO = + 1 to all social rolls.
APP = How you apear to others at 1 O your horrendous, at 2 O your average looking. every O past OO gives you + 1 to social rolls (rolls are from 1 - 20 and randomly generated)
PER = how well you see things, each number that you have represents how far your eye sight and accuracy is. Every O past OO = + 1 in sence checks.
INT = your level of inteligence, how well you solve puzzles, how fast you learn things, and your general knowledge. Every O = how quick mentally you are, lower O are slower than higher O.
WIT = your mental sharpness and accuracy as well as your willpower. Every O past OO gains + 1 to will checks.



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Re: Yurrikatta No Chi (Game) (c)

Post  nemrog on Thu Jan 17, 2008 3:43 pm

I spent 2 1/2 hours on this and could only post under half of it. Pretty much heres a little extra.

Classes: Artificers: Make Psience inventions (a merging of crytals, magic / spiritual alchemy, and tech.)

Shishen-Jo : Are spirtitual artists, that specialize in verious formus of the art.
Hogo : deal w/ protection , wards, ect. Earth and light shrine spells
Hikai : are it's opposite fire and shadow shrine spells
Naosu : Healers light and fire spells
Koroshi : Necromancer / assassin / chthonic wanderer mix. Shadow and water spells

they have basic spells that enhance there bodily charic. (dr, ar, attribs, atks / rnd, mov. / rnd, ect), allow them to solidify peices of there spiritual energy to attack at a dist. infused w/ inflictions or element. and most importantly can Shen-Strike (deal Con+Wit dmg. at lvl. 2 through attacks that bypass AR (but not DR.).

Shrine spells change from shrine to shrine, I think we should just make a spell book to house ideas elementally seperated. To tired to redo 13 paragraphs of hints, guidelines and examples.


Yuri : Ubber assassins w/ + 2 OO in red and blue thamaturgy, + 1 O in alchemy and explosives.
CAn craft insanities and Contagions at a mid lvl. (7 & 10 respectivly). Think Edward from Anta Blake, mixed w/ Akatsuki ninja, and ubber evil kick ass (although not nescessarily evil.).

Maho : mix Dnd Sorcerer w/ better animals, Shishen-jo w/ out shen strike, and a watered down version of FMA alchemist and you have a maho.

Grafter : Think mad scientist w/ 3 O in blue thamaturgy, flesh and death craft, w -4 to all social rolls, and making things that will make you s*** your pant in horror (if your sane), blend that w the creation class of Diablo's Necro, then throw in a smattering of antisocial behavior. There you go a Grafter.

Meijin :

If you were to mix Palidin, Ranger, Monk, and Zealotry into one you'd get a Meijin. CAn be evil if they follow an Evil god, Their Virtue (alignment ( you start in 0 and either raise or lower it by your actions. except Meijin who start out w/ there dieties virtue requirement.) cannot fall belwow or above there Dieties Requirement w/out suffereing - to rolls and hp dmg, until the virute is back were it needs to be.

Gosu : +99 - + 80 : The God of Light said to be the deity behond the victory of " The Day of Darkness", whose light pierced the Kierell (vampiric Vesra) and restored order to Dasari once more.

Sierna : + 79 - + 50 : The Goddess of Justice, it's said her blade was so powerful that Durring the first war of the gods her blade bit through Iratun and the reason her face is rent in two.

Tesara : +49 - + 26 : The Goddess of luck, she's said to bestow riches and blessing onto her worshipers.

Ikari : +25 - -25 : The Goddess of Neutrality and the negitive elements, not much is known about the Diety other than that she blesses her followers w/ oni like abilities and chthonic elemental creation.

Ashen : -26 - -75 : The God of Death, he keeps balance in the world by killing those that have served there time, while severly depressing about his role in the universe, not much is known about who he is and what he does.

Nanarohk: -76 - -99 The God of Destruction and Rot. He's the only entity whose only goal is to have all existence in a constant loop of unending destruction and discord. while not as freely worshiped or as well known as his kin, you'll know his calling card by the worshipers love of carnage and decay.

Other than the crafts, meditation and a few specialized skills, use dnd, vamp masqurade, what not to use skills. I'm wiped (3 hours straight.) well I hope you al enjoyed.)


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Re: Yurrikatta No Chi (Game) (c)

Post  deviadah on Sun Jan 20, 2008 3:39 pm

nemrog wrote:After reading this give me you oppinion if we should start in the given settings and work are way up to the Arena for most of you, or should we go straight to the arena. Also give me thoughts on how to interest you new people to make this more fun.
Well, it looks like you put a lot of work into this and that is always appreciated... however it is still jumbled in my opinion. I can tell that this stuff is something you are familiar with, but to a layman it is heavy to digest. Now I have done RPG in the past, but not this kind of system... you should get this going first by creating a character (as an example).

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Re: Yurrikatta No Chi (Game) (c)

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