Nagualism and Alchemy

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Nagualism and Alchemy

Post  deviadah on Sun Feb 03, 2008 6:57 am

I would like to bring the following essay to your attention:

Nagualism and Alchemy by Jeff Owrey

Air, Earth, Fire and Water most commonly designate the four classical elements of magic and philosophy. Chaos magic adopts the tradition of the four elements and adds a fifth, postulated element, but changes the nomenclature somewhat. Derived from the physics of quantum mechanics, the elements in Chaos magic, are Time, Space, Mass and Energy. The fifth element, Ether, is postulated to represent the so-called shadow time dimension used to account for the apparent paradoxes of quantum mechanics.
In order to bring oneself into greater balance and harmony using the Medicine Wheel, one must shift one's perception of oneself. For example, if you are naturally an innocent person of the South, then you must learn to see yourself from the point of view of a wise person of the North. Alchemically this shift of perception results in a movement of the assemblage point. In this case the movement of the assemblage point is very beneficial because it results in a stable, balanced person, much better anchored, within him or herself, than the average person who does not know about or practice the teachings of the Medicine Wheel.

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