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Post  theFool on Wed Nov 19, 2008 2:10 pm

I think that those "cure all" solutions actually energize and strengthen the body and so, it is able to eliminate any kind of illness naturally by itself. As for the link you posted jnjone4, I wouldn't be surprised if in this oil there is concentrated a lot of "life force" that helps to energize the body. Companies know about the positive results of such natural remedies and try to manufacture chemically the substances of the plant in order to patent and sell them in mass production. However, for the time being, this is impossible because they lack a basic ingredient (I suppose the m-state elements). From the alchemical point of view, the chemical substances are "dead", they miss their "spirit". It is driven off (or destroyed) when the plants are processed. Some hints on this, come from the effects on health that comes from fresh food (see raw diet for example).
Mention also that the storage and administering methods are of great importance. For example, if you smoke that thing, it definately is not going to save you from lung cancer.

And, for some more discussion, check this link:: "http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/pto-20021002-000009.html". It is a respected research (from State University of New York in Albany) that describes the antidepressant effects of another "elixir". I am sure no matter how much they search it, they won't find what chemical makes this possible.


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Post  Joshewon Brinobi on Sat Dec 20, 2008 6:24 pm

This is so wild. Glad i found this site.

I had gotten into the whole White Powder Gold Experiments a while back.
I always remembered folks talking about when making the powder there would be an oil that would seep through the glass. I also hear about this in many alchemy works. When i tried to make some ormus from the dead sea salt i was unsuccessful probably due to many reasons in the form of mistakes on my part. Though i do remember an oil that had formed on the outside of the flask during the process. Interesting.

I recently listened to a show by william henry. you can find his site on williamhenry.net and there are lots of video's on youtube. One in mind is the blue apples show. He talks about a secret substance at rennes le chateau in france. He says that Jesus would take cannabis grown from this area and make an oil out of it and rub it in the inner ear where membranes are closest to the skin. He also said that the grapes had this substance in it from ground leaching. So the wine would give great effect.
He also says walking barefoot on the ground will start to leach the substance into your body and start to change and correct your dna.

I keep finding things that link white powder gold and alchemy together.

And the site at the first talking about the morning dew and sea salt extraction. This basically an easy way to do what others have to use lye and vinegar to get white powder gold.

But white powder gold isn't a true stone. This is the Mercury ?

Joshewon Brinobi

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