Alchemy Revealed (Free ebook)

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alchemy revealed, free ebook

Post  valerio72 on Thu Jan 01, 2009 7:15 am

hi to all the alchemy lovers, I'm new to this forum, my name is valerio and i write to you from Italy and very interested in the art kunkin book, is there possible to have a copy of his book ?
I do'nt think alchemy is so simple as kunkin's says, but maybe some useful informations is there in the book ?

i'm 36 years old and studyng alchemy from 15 years old, i got, and read, all the ancients and moderns alchemical text including the work of david hudson and his monoatomic elements and i wish to say that the philosopher's stone is not a low radioactive apple, i suppose...

about albert cau, I have purchased a copy of his book directly from French, i can say that in his web page he do not says a lot of infos, but his book i very, very interesting. the only bug is that the book is written in french and for me very hard to understand. now i'm involved in an italian, for personal purposes, traduction.

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