Good afternoon.

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Good afternoon.

Post  Sa(l)vage on Wed May 28, 2008 1:23 pm

It’s hard to explain why I am here, or maybe it’s just hard to bring up the memories of what brings me here. I consider myself a beast, something unintentionally altered in the course of my spiritual life, which is what in essence drives me to alchemy and hermeticism; the idea that the reverse is possible also, to change myself to change the world. I am a poet also, and I dabble in quantum physics, crystal healing and astronomy. I’ve studied simple methods and shallow translations, though not necessarily inadequate for my purposes. Relevance put aside I want to know more about orthodox as well as unorthodox takes on spiritual alchemy.

I am a leo, born August 1st 1988 with my moon in Pisces. I came across alchemy by buying random books on magic and found it elegantly stood out from “chant this” “light this colored candle” or “think this and this will happen” (all are well and good and have their places, but it is an understatement to the complexity of life and the soul to say that is all). It resonated in my bones. It was riddled with the same madness I was; insomuch that it was carried out in a perfectly sane manner, perhaps saner still then the average non-practicing Joe.

I began to see flaws in this world and not only myself. That we’ve grown up, forcibly, to be materialistic and feign seriousness when we were born to play (create) and understand seriousness (understand that there may in fact be no situations that are as such, after all). I believe in transmuting myself I am helping to heal the world.


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Re: Good afternoon.

Post  deviadah on Wed May 28, 2008 2:42 pm

Sa(l)vage wrote:I believe in transmuting myself I am helping to heal the world.
Welcome fellow seeker and spiritual alchemist!


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