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The Calx of Gold Empty The Calx of Gold

Post  BeautifulEvil on Sun Dec 14, 2008 12:32 pm

Some background information: The calx of a metal was more often than not a metal oxide, but in the case of gold I believe it's an assortment of very small gold particles of varying sizes. Out of all the metals, gold has the lowest tendency to react with air to form oxides. This is why it's a noble metal - oxidation/corrosion resistant for the most part.

If mercury + gold is digested (roasted in an iron pipe?) together something should happen. The metallic mercury seemingly disappears, and we are left with an inconspicuous red powder. I believe this red powder is the same as the Essene's Red Lion. I've read somewhere that m-state mercury drops to gold when heated. I've also seen some convincing pictures. We create animated mercury when a calx of gold is added to elemental mercury (quicksilver). This is brought to maturation by fire or heat. If we try to explain this using the m-state theories then our calx of gold, that's harbored within our mercury, is broken down into a very subtle m-state, and is also annealed during this process to a high spin state. This might be enough to bring about the desired changes within our mercury and turn it to m-state mercury which should immediately drop to gold.

In this same light, the Essene's Red Lion should be the same as this red powder, and it should also be able to bring about the transmutation of mercury.

A very fine and subtle calx of gold is also a great catalyst from what I understand. Has anybody ever heard of digesting a calx of gold in a sodium chloride/salt water bath? Does the water turn red?


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