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Post  raedotted on Mon Dec 22, 2008 8:39 am

I can only hope that people will allow themselves to question their understanding of the philosophy of Alchemy, especially if they attempt the practice it. The best way I have found for myself to move forward in alchemy is to start with the basics, and as skill and experience allows - the more complicated and difficult operations can be attempted. The one thing I think is really important to ask people pursuing alchemy is, "What is your motivation for practicing alchemy?" Often times it is for the wrong reasons people pursue alchemy. They seek to make either gold directly, or to make money by commercializing alchemical products. They try and take shortcuts, thinking they can skip a step here and there.

Since alchemy has no set rituals, no lodges, or methods of advancement other than the Work itself, all initiation is said to be interior in this form of esotericism. We initiate ourselves into the Work, and the Work initiates us to higher (and deeper) levels of awareness. The evolvement of the soul through alchemy is a very personal and private affair that occurs almost always when we are alone.

First, we labor to obtain a minimum of seven plant elixirs that will gently harmonize our energies with those of the universe. Once they are gently harmonized we seek to powerfully transform ourselves with even more powerful elixirs, and tinctures of the vegetable kingdom. These are named in order of their initiatory power: Magisteries, the Ens, and finally Opus Minor or Vegetable Stone. So once you are taking the seven planetary elixirs, you can begin making the Magisteries - one for each day. Once you are taking the seven Magisteries, you can make seven Ens tinctures. Once you are taking the seven Ens, you can make the Vegetable Stone. Once you have made the Vegetable Stone, you have mastered the Vegetable Kingdom, and your lower natures.

Second, we seek to gain first hand knowledge of the operations and works of Nature. This way one can understand the essential unity of all creation. By exploring materials in the laboratory, we can understand the more subtle realms preceding the physical manifestation. Here is where there are many interesting paths to explore and each one sheds light on another as we learn to work with nature.

Third, we seek the Philosophers Stone. Along the way we work with the Metallic Kingdom which provides many insights, and medicines of the most powerful kind. However, the Philosophers Stone is the highest achievement in alchemy, representing the ultimate understanding and application of the operative forces of Nature.

Hence we become thrice greatest, having understood the operations and works of Nature. This is more rewarding than anything else, because it takes those things esteemed as worthless to most common people, and makes them the most prized treasures. It makes the things prized commonly to be most valuable, worthless to the alchemist. This makes a man humble and without hubris. In this way great works can be wrought, and miracles can be manifested. The sick can be cured, the ignorant can be educated, and the mind can be made as clear as crystal. That is one of the many promises of Real Alchemy.

Your Brother in Alchemy,


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