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Hello everybody! Empty Hello everybody!

Post  Tesposinus on Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:02 pm

Hi there everyone!

I go by the name of Frater Tesposinus and I'm a 28 year old man from Denmark in Europe, but I currently live here in Iga-shi, Mie Prefecture in Japan - a life long dream of mine. My alchemy studies and practices began back around when I was 18, but it started off as just reading and not much else. There were unfortunately not really any decent books on the actual practice readily available to me at that time so I just read some "outsider" books on the subject - you know, books by non-alchemists that just treat it from a historical perspective.

In 2002 I was on a summer vacation in L.A. and there in a big bookstore I found an occult section (my favorite kind!) where I picked up a few books. One in particular was the famous "The Alchemist's Handbook" by Frater Albertus and it was from this little text that I finally found out what alchemy was about and the basics of how it works - something that had, obviously, never been made clear in books written by non-alchemists. From there it took off.

Not long after that I found Flamel College on the internet and here it seemed there was an organization that actually taught alchemy. It didn't take me many minutes to decide that I wanted to become a student and when I received and devoured my first lesson/module, that was when I was really brought into the world of alchemy - in addition to its history (which I had already studied to a certain level), its theory, its philosophy... what alchemy really was.

So you can say that it really began with Frater Albertus' book and then actually took off with the Flamel College alchemy teachings. From there it has expanded. I studied and practiced according to the teachings of the Philosophers of Nature as well, teachings from modern day literature (such as the wonderful books by Robert Allen Bartlett and the classic by Manfred Junius) and the ancient alchemical texts that are nowadays readily available on the internet in various forms.

Well, that was as short as I could make it. I hope I didn't bore you guys too much. Just thought it might be something like this that you would like for new members to put up.

I'm looking forward to socialize with you all here and talking about that which made us all come together on this forum.

Best regards,

Prima Materia
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Hello everybody! Empty Re: Hello everybody!

Post  deviadah on Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:06 pm

I have a dream of living in Japan myself!

I have been a resident of Copenhagen for many years though...

Glad you could make it!


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