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What is where? Empty What is where?

Post  deviadah on Fri Oct 12, 2007 5:52 pm

With a new forum it can be confusing to know what is where (both for first time visitor and for the people who create it)!

Here is how I see it:

. . . AS ABOVE
Site Related: Here you'll find announcements, updates and new features that might be of interest. You can also post suggestions, questions, bugs and ideas for the improvement of the site.
Introductions: Introduce yourself here so other members can get an idea of who you are and where you come from (you alchemical journey, not you location that is).
General Discussions: Go here for general discussion of anything not directly related to alchemy. But if you can find an angle into alchemy please do.
Rules and Guidelines: Go here and read this before you start posting.

The Sacred Art: Post anything here to do with alchemy that you can't find fits anywhere else. Kinda like a general discussion forum about alchemy.
Spiritual Alchemy: For discussion concerning spiritual (and psychological) alchemy.
Practical Alchemy: Discussions concerning alchemy that takes place in a laboratory i.e. practical. Also the place for more scientific (chemistry) posts and threads.
History of Alchemy: Here it is all about the historical developement of alchemy, and discussions about famous alchemists like Agrippa, Flamel, Paracelsus and others (there are plenty to choose from). Also ancient forms of alchemy can take place here like alchemy from Ancient China and Egypt.

Subtext: All about the symbolisms, allegories, metaphors and subtexts of alchemy - and in general terms. Go into the subforums to be more specific.
Alchemical Texts: Discuss alchemical manuscripts, texts, essays, source materials and books. Also post links to free on-line alchemical texts HERE.
Symbolism and Imagery: Here you can talk about the symbolism and imagery of alchemy. But if you want to post your own images do that in Art (or create an album in the Gallery, or discuss the images in the Gallery do that there.
Emerald Tablet: Becuase it is an important item when talking about alchemy it deserves its own thread. So everything about the tablet here; how to interpret it, use it or other issues that only You can think of.

. . . SO BELOW
Networking: Meet and greet, post links and share stuff (like personal websites etc).
Art: Post your own alchemical ART in the form of texts, images or links. Or create your own gallery in the Gallery.
Resources: Post links to good websites related to alchemy.

Of course over time this may change as it might turn out that it should be organised in another way, but we got to start somewhere. Just post in Site Related if you got some!

Anyway hope this helps a little...


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What is where? Empty Re: What is where?

Post  sleeveless on Sat Oct 13, 2007 3:48 am

Thank you!! Smile

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