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Post  Aunt Clair on Wed Oct 24, 2007 8:14 am

Can we each try an exegesis of the ET ?
Here is my own exegesis of the Emerald Tablet;
I.humbly I tell you , but in truth , I have completed this Magnum Opus
ET Exegesis EmeraldTablet
IIa As it is above, so it is below .
IIb All of our universe is within each of us ; Every realm accessible by consciousness.
IIc To manifest the philosophers stone ,
IId from which all other things shall come ,
IIe meditation is the way we connect
IIf to Godhead , the Universal Mind , and the wisdom of the ages .
IIg For we must transmute our body to make this journey.

IIIa Father God is the right electric male white pillar of the Tree of Life
IIIb Mother Goddess is the left magnetic female black pillar the averse tree and the roots
IIIc Air is the Hermetic element we require . We must become air to make this journey .

IIId If we want to grow up and leave our nurse ,we project ourselves away from it
IIIe and expand our consciousness and return to Godhead while still living .
IIIf We become consecrated to the whole of the universe
IIIg if the strength of the energy body is perfected. Hermetically coloured as a rainbow,
IIIh returned to earth . But the gold is not there . Leave all the earth , become light as air .

IVa Remove the earth element , It's heavy and cumbersome . To ascend to heaven
IVb take from the subtle body just your consciousness ,not the gross weight of the body .
IVc Gently lift the spirit , project your consciousness ingeniusly ,not dully,recall projections.
IVd Go further still without earth or water;but retain fire. Heat air to lift lighter & higher.
IVe You will return to the body and all the earth shall be gone from you but only for now.
IVf The mind , soul and spirit will not be the same ,You will be
IVg more powerful now ,able to control the elements earth, fire , water below & air above

Va Now you can project to the whole universe and beyond the window on its edge.
Vb You will be able to clairvoyantly see without obscurity . You will see what you will.
Vc The greatest force of all powers is love.It removes the dark and makes it light.
Vd Every subtle body can become as light.All impediments, shadows, negativity & ego
Ve can be cleansed by this light and love.Even our stone , so solid , can be filled too.

VIa The universe is in each human .Every realm and every soul is connected there too .
VIb And this is not the end of the path ,but it is the beginning of great magick.
VIc This pattern repeats.There are more stones ,more tablets, more journeys to make.

VIIa Three times ! Remember this ;
green cobra red cobra golden tunnel
green lion red lion gold lion
green dragon red dragon gold phoenix
green toe red toe gold pinky
green tablet ,red tablet , gold tablet
VIIb right left middle , mind soul spirit .
VIIc This will make the golden stone of the sun but the path continues .
As the moon stone was the Lesser Work , the gold stone is the Great Work


How do you become emerald as the tablet ?
remove the red male earth and the blue female water
remove the earth and the water by purging it out as prana and psi
from the palms , mouth , heart and heels
the fire and air are the only hermetic element left in your body now
use the fire in the male tan tien , heat the air up
to go higher still
become green as the air , it is hermetically green
remove the water , purge the earth and become as air
use the fire still to heat the air that is left
balance body, mind ,soul ,and spirit
become the Emerald Tablet
it will appear on the energy body hermetically
across the shoulders and across the hips and then as a tablet upon the chest
it can be seen clairvoyantly there
three times green ,three times red , and three times gold
three times for each work ; white, black and red
three tan tiens we begin with ; earth , moon and sun
three pillars we begin with ; right , left and middle
three paths we travel ; right ,left and middle

the flame on the heart will become gold but that is naught
the mantle on the shoulders of the aspirant become gold ;so what ?
the thumb will become gold but that is just pyrite
continue until there is gold on the tiny little finger on the glove of the magician
this is true magick ; then the magician will manifest the golden amoris
and you will become the golden sphinx
and you will project from the realms of the rhp
and across the abyss
to begin the realms of the left pillar
When you complete the left pillar you will manifest the Ruby Tablet
This is greater still but the works are not done .
Go three times again
This is the pattern
make the Golden Tablet by completing the Middle Pillar Path
Is it done then ?
The path is infinite and eternal
tread on

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Aunt Clair
Aunt Clair

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Post  deviadah on Wed Oct 24, 2007 9:14 am

Great idea!

Here is my version (written a few years ago):
The Truth of Nature Known and Forgotten by All

Since the dawn of thought a Secret has been smitten with symbols, rituals and ceremony.
This Secret is a Truth in suffering because none is willing to reveal it, so here I do:

If you understand that you are a part of Everything and Everything is a part of you:
Then you will understand that nothing can Hate you and Everything should you thus Love.

The Universe is an Unfathomable Force, like your Mind, and in your frontal lobe you have the Key:
Your Third Eye, the Pineal Gland, which connects you with this Unfathomable Force of which you are a part

The Sun gives Energy to your Third Eye so give it plenty because the Sun symbolizes Energy and Health.
The Full Moon will aid the Great Power within because the Moon symbolizes Astral Travel and Imagination.
The Mind is connected to the collective mind; since all are One, so let it travel across the world like the wind.
Give the Mind healthy air and let it be creative.
Give your Body harmonious food and reconnect your Mind with the Unfathomable Force.
You will find it pulsating Everywhere and in Everything.

The Great Power that lies within will never loose its potency even if you shall re-discover it late in life.
This is because you controlled it unknowingly as a child: the Imagination.
Reality tore you away from this Great Power when the Physical Body embraced puberty.

Separate your Body from your Mind, the Invisible from the Visible.
This takes Skill but only if you succeed can you fully regain your lost Great Power.

Then you can travel with your Mind away from the Earth into the Universe and back again.
If your Skill is Great you will ‘truly’ be able to travel away from Earth, and into the Universe and back again.

Your Mind feeds of the Pulse of the Unfathomable Force.
Meditate and try and grab hold of this Pulse.

You will see that the True Existence is in the Mind and the Mind is stronger than the Body.
Perceive this and you will see this Truth:
That all is One of which you are a part, an Unfathomable Force, that created All and so did you.
This Force is in harmony with your Mind and there is no limit of what the Mind can do.

That which harbours the Creative Force that wrote these words is the same that gave life to the Great Power.
Humans call me Hermes, as if I physically existed on Earth or in the Beyond, but I am not he.
Instead I am the Mind.

The Mind that is part of Everything is thus part of the 3 Essentials of Existence:

The Body.
The Mind.
The Unfathomable Force.

When all 3 are in harmony Ecstasy is the Sum.
Know your Body, your Mind and the Force and that they are One.
When One the Third Eye shall shine forth from your head and See All.

This is all that needs to be said; therefore connect your Mind with the Rays of the Sun.
Third Eye

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ET Exegesis Empty Re: ET Exegesis

Post  Aunt Clair on Wed Oct 24, 2007 6:44 pm

Thanks I like yours too . I would like to dedicate this thread to variant exegesis of the Emerald Tablet and discussion about them. I found this one by "Uncle Al" and I love it . This man had a brilliant and beautiful mind . I am glad that his magical legacy lives on beyond the aspersions of his decadence in later years .
The Emerald Table

Utter the Word of Majesty and Terror

True without lie, and certain without error,

And of the essence of The Truth. I know

The things above are as the things below,

The things below are as the things above,

To wield the One Thing's Thaumaturgy -- Love.

As all from one sprang, by one contemplation,

So all from one were born, by permutation.

Sun sired, Moon bore, this unique Universe;

Air was its chariot, and Earth its nurse.

Here is the root of every talisman

Of the whole world, since the whole world began.

Here is the fount and source of every soul.

Let it be spilt on earth! its strength is whole.

Now gently, subtly, with thine Art conspire

To fine the gross, dividing earth and fire.

Lo! it ascendeth and descendeth, even

And swift, an endless band of earth and heaven;

Thus it receiveth might of duplex Love,

The powers below conjoined with those above,

So shall the glory of the world be thine

And darkness flee before thy SOVRAN shrine.

This is the strong strength of all strength; surpass

The subtle and subdue it; pierce the crass

And salve it; so bring all things to their fated

Perfection: for by this was all created.

O marvel of miracle! O magic mode!

All things adapted to one circling code!

Since three parts of all wisdom I may claim,

Hermes thrice great, and greatest, is my name.

What I have written of the one sole Sun,

His work, is here divined, and dared, and done

Aunt Clair
Aunt Clair

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ET Exegesis Empty Re: ET Exegesis

Post  deviadah on Sun Nov 11, 2007 1:12 pm

I like it too, yet nothing beats the original, but it is always good to see it from different perspectives.

Uncle Al does add that extra Omph to the text that only he can. It would have been cool if Austin Osman Spare had done one as well!

Any other takers, amongst the members, that have written their own version?

Third Eye

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ET Exegesis Empty Re: ET Exegesis

Post  Aunt Clair on Wed Oct 01, 2008 8:27 am

I thought I would have another go at an exegesis ;

ET Exegesis EmeraldTablet

Line 1.
I. Truly , without deceit , certain , and most veritable .
I humbly I tell you , but in truth , I have completed this Magnum Opus

Lines 2 & 3
That which is below corresponds to that which is above .
And that which is above corresponds to that which is below .

What we manifest in the Tree of Life above Mother Earth we manifest below in the Hanged Man or Tree of Death
As it is above , so it is below .
So too what is on the right manifests on the left
What is in the front is the same as what is on the back .
And this reflects the Lord's Prayer "On Earth as it is in Heaven "

Lines 4 & 5
To accomplish the miracles of the one thing
and just as all things come from this one thing

We shall create an energy body of light , our light garment , and make ourselves in the image of God to attain oneness which is Henios or Unio Mystica with source .And so humanity will slowly evolve building up its vibration and light quotient until the full measure of Godhead light can incarnate .

Lines 6, 7 & 8
And just as all things come from this one thing
through the meditation of one mind
so do all created things originate from this one thing .
through transformation

Source is what we seek , to first attain union with our monad and then to attain Kether and to have oneness with Source . We transform our energy body albeit for a temporary state so that we can expand our consciousness and invoke Godhead to dwell within us . Or we leave this vessel and project from the physical illusion body to attain union in the Higher Planes with Our Godhead . This transformation is to fill the body with light . We can also transform the polarity or elemental nature to temporarily ascend by purging the heavy elemental energies of earth and water and raising fire heat the resulting air and lift up out of the body higher still .

Lines 9 & 10
Its father is the sun
Its mother is the moon

The Tree of Life is our human energy body .Its trunk is our spine .

The lions beneath it are so named in the Ancient Vedic Literature , these are shaped like lions at the base of the spine . The lion is also an archetype of fire which represents our kundalini flames . It is our internal sun .The right side of the upper body is fire too , as is the right arm . The right side is the White Pillar of the Kaballah . It is Father Abba.The energy of the chest is the Sun Stone . The energy within its core is chi or vital essence . Fire is male like father .

The moon is high water energy . The Moon Stone is the name of the female tan tien at the head . It is our internal moon . The left side of the upper body is water too , as is the left arm . The left side is the Black Pillar of Kaballah .It is Mother Ama . The energy within its core is reciprocal and fire called Shen which lights the brow centre providing clairvoyance . Water is female like that parent that is a mother .

Lines 11 & 12
The Wind carries it in its belly .
Its nurse is the Earth

The belly is the Earth Stone m within it there is Earth energy elementally. The core of any stone is of a reciprocal elemental nature . This core develops between a pair of chakras nestled vertically in each stone . The core is not developed at birth it is lit up as the energy builds up its light quotient and becomes manifest . What suckles this core then ? Its nurse is the Earth energy which feeds it . The reciprocal energy of the Earthstone core is a form of wind . It is air energy which we require to carry us to lift us up in vibration and to project to the higher planes and to attain Kether in Mystic Projection .And as above so

Together are named the four elements : Wind Moon Sun and Earth .
These name four stones that contain them . Superior is the core essence within each stone .
The medieval alchemists names the Moon , Sun and Earth stones which are called by the Taoists
as the Female Tan Tien , The Tan Tien and the Male Tan Tien respectively . With two male and one female stone, the female stone of air is evidently missing . It manifests much later .

Location ...Name of Energy Storage Centre..Element ..Core Energy & Description
Above the crown ..Heavens Stone ........ Air........... Earth Xie Gratititude , Manifestation , Ascension
Head .....................Moon Stone................Water........Fire Shen Intuition , Clairvoyance , Psychic
Chest.....................Sun Stone...................Fire ..........Chi Vital Essence , Healing , Psi Constructs , Flow
Belly ......................Earth Stone.................Earth ........Ching , Regenerative , Power , Creative

Lines 13 , 14 . 15 & 16
It is the origin of all
the consecration of the Universe
its inherent Strength is perfected
if it is turned into Earth .

And "as above so below ", a stone manifests above the crown which is Air energy called the Heaven Stone the core within this develops Earth energy . This is a sign to look for when the Heaven Stone is manifest and its core becomes ripe . Fire is the holy male element , the light which consecrates us all throughout this local universe and the next ones . But Air is the holy female element which consecrates .Air is green and emerald like this Tablet .

All of our Universe is within each of us ; Every realm is accessible by consciousness within the body in the microcosm of the heart , and on the body in each the sephira of the Tree of Life . And the realms are in the macrocosm of the realms to which we can proejct out of the body .

Lines 17 , 18 & 19
Seperate the Earth from Heaven
the subtle from the Gross
gently and with great ingenuity

The energy body splits at the mirror which rises as the magician becomes more developed over time . Initially the mirror is absent . Then it manifests as thin akshic energy below the feet of the magician . Then when tuned in or switched on the mirror can rise at will to the waist . The head and chest are seen like a playing card king with no trunk or legs above or below but instead a mirror reflection of an upside down chest and head . This much lighter aspect of the energy body now separates from the heavy legs and trunk and so the subtle which is the subtle body layers become projected away from the gross and heavy physical body...

Lines 20 & 21
It rises from Earth to Heaven
and descends again to Earth

... and ascends ,albeit for a short time, in mystic projection upwards to Heaven to a Unio Mystica but then descends once more back to Earth to the body .

Lines 22 & 23
Thereby combining within it
the powers of both the Above and the Below

The powers of above are the powers of Godhead the powers of below are the powers of the mystic who attains Kether and Henios. This combining is the union that oneness .

Lines 24 & 25
Thus will you gain the glory of the Whole Universe .
All obscurity will be clear to you .

The glory of the Elohim realms , of Kether , of Shamballah and all the realms of the Universe all the gates of the sepiroth and qlippoth too shall be opened unto the magician in this manner . All obscurity is clear through clairvoyance to see what is unseen and through Esoteric Insight and intuition to know that which is hidden and occult .

Lines 26, 27 & 28
This is the greatest force of all powers
because it overcomes every subtle thing
and penetrates every Solid thing

This method to sit in meditative trance and to mystically project . It overcomes the barrier of the physical body and emancipates the subtle bodies . Freedom from the physical affords greater knowing , clairvoyance , clairaudience and remote viewing beyond any physical solid .

Lines 29 , 30 & 31
In this way was the Universe created
from this will come many wondrous applications
because this is the Pattern

Through mystic projection in meditative trance the angels , avatars and Mahatma may be seen and their lessons may be heard , and all realms may be attained to learn any manner of esoteric wisdoms and metaphysical skills .

Lines 32 , 33 & 34
Therefore I am called Thrice Great Hermes
having all three parts of the wisdom of the universe
herein I have completely explained the Operation of the Sun

[color=orange]The Lesser Work attains Silver . It is the Opus Minus which obtains the Akashic Moon .
The Greater Work attains Gold . It is the Major Opus which obtains the Golden Sun .
The Works appear done but they never will be . Go again upon this journey . The third path is eternal and infinite like the Stars .[/orange]
Aunt Clair
Aunt Clair

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